Rebalancing is a way of personal development through bodywork and self-understanding.

This is a system of hands-on touch techniques for bringing awareness, ease, and vitality into the body.

Typically Rebalancing sessions begin with self-inquiry into your body and mind in the present. Following what you offer, the treatment on the table uses the touch skills most appropriate to you. The range of touch can be from gentle to deep, from soft still hands to joint release rocking the body.

In the flow of touch, you will find a new sense of home in your body. You can learn to be friends with parts of the body that are less vital or even feeling left out. You can find that many of the old pains open up for understanding and release.

As the body opens, so does the heart. Rebalancing touch opens the body in ways that also touch to the heart. You will discover and be-friend many of the old feelings in your heart. You will feel the aliveness that returns as these old feelings are recognized and re-integrated.

In a series of sessions, Rebalancing is also an excellent introduction to the world of Presence. At its heart, Rebalancing is a body-oriented meditation way, both for the giver and the receiver. As the receiver, you will come to know how to be with your body in a field of meditative presence. As you learn to sense your body from this place of Presence, the body responds by offering more and more of its inner secrets and treasures to you.

You find the intelligence of your body willing to communicate with you.
You can relax in the depth within.
You will come to recognize the play of your own unique quality of love intelligence as it arises through your body and its movements.

A series of Rebalancing sessions leads to an open and flowing body. It is in this kind of body that the Spirit gladly makes its home. With the body as a grounding re-source, both the heart and spirit learn to express themselves in your daily life for years to come.

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